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All of the above., a scrappy search, rescue and review vessel patrols the increasingly stormy content waters for noteworthy new long-form film and TV/streaming shows soon hitting shores for big and small screens.


The Dinghy helps quality-minded industry insiders and discerning cinephiles get through the dense content fog.

Dinghy’s Bobbing Buoy Reviews

The Dinghy’s ongoing cross-genre “catch” includes reviews reflecting the reality that viewer tastes are as varied and elusive as marine life itself.


Reviews include a short informative summary of story and cast/crew elements that spark interest. All selections are five buoy-certified for quality workmanship. But each title’s green/red numbers may vary, as a green buoy signals a positive aspect and a red bobber alerts to potential resistance by certain audiences. Specific explanations follow every buoy designation.

Radio Room Dingh Donghs

News Flashes, Forecasts, Tidbits, etc.


No boarding pass required.

Just passion for good stuff and hookin' it!

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