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MAR. 23, 2023

Netflix has already pulled in the juicy, Liaisons Dangereuses-like 17th century costumer/soaper Lady L, starring Cécile de France. Still available is the highly engaging terrorist and family-themed contemporary drama Amanda, starring Vincent Lacoste, the country’s biggest rising/arisen! young star…Michael Winterbottom, with so many road pix (notably his comic docs with Steve Coogan and pal Rob Brydon) in his fulsome filmgraphy, is on the road again with IFC Films’ new Dev Patel starrer The Wedding Guest. But this time, Winterbottom, again delivering amazing locations (this time in Pakistan and India), takes a detour into 40s-early 50s noirish crime mellers complete with a femme fatale and Patel ably stretching as a loser sucker who falls.