She has zig-zagged for many decades to different corners of film — non-theatrical distribution, film editing, development, script reader, writer, film research (for the precursor to IMDB), consultancy, journalism.


Her “nuts and bolts” training included two cheap short films she financed, wrote, directed, edited, produced (the last, in 2004, selected for a major festival). 


Her career mishmash continues as: Reader for producer Sidney Glazier (The Producers, etc.); stints in development, including work for Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Cannon Films, etc. and helping in a small way the Sony Pictures Classics indie hit In the Company of Men get sailing; Finalist for two consecutive years in the Writers Guild of America, East, Fellowship Program competitions; As journalist, longtime staff film reporter for one major trade (THR) and many years free-lancing for other publications (Film Journal International, Billboard, Us, Spy, etc.); Wrote In depth multi-part articles covering major industry shifts (digital/DCP theatrical upheaval, virtual reality’s pokes into film and exhibition, the onset of streaming, etc.); authored the ongoing Doris T.’s Daily Digest, what the The L.A. Times (07/03/1997) called the “best” of the early online columns; For years, film editor on commercials and for a near-legendary director (honored by MoMA, The Film Society of Lincoln Center and arthouse retrospectives) of stylish glossy sexploitation until his fast transition to…where the money was. 


As a longtime trade film reviewer, she takes pride in a hard copy output that, if shredded for confetti, would add considerable heft to any Times Square New Year’s Eve Celebration.


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Not much. The Kaptain is at the Dinghy helm, a kind-hearted, quiet ancient mariner whose simple background, common sense, dispassion, peaceful nature (even on stormy waters), uncomplicated tastes and old-fashioned work ethic serve as the Dinghy’s ballast. “Anonymity is the Safest Harbor” is carved into the whalebone centerpiece on the Kaptain’s Table. 


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