HOTEL MUMBAI, a highly polished Australian-UK co-production from Bleecker Street, is the harrowing, blood-splattered fact-based retelling of the savage, headline-dominating 2008 Islamic extremist terror attacks in Mumbai (formerly Bombay, India).

      Terrorists did strike a number of the financial capital's locations but here the focus is on the posh Raj Hotel where the most deadly and protracted terrorist actions took place over three days. Anthony Maras, who also co-wrote, makes a remarkable feature film directorial debut, deftly handling both the few scenes of fine living and the many of horrific dying. Stars Dev Patel, Armie Hammer, Brit vet Jason Isaacs, and Anupam Kher, as the hotel’s heroic head chef, are all in top form. A fine supporting cast, plenty of coin up on the screen and state-of-the-art production facilities from the Aussies also helped bring so much home. A WOW! (What Outstanding Work!) production that surprises with excellence on every art and craft front.

Unrelenting entertainment and suspense that never let up.

The star glitter notwithstanding, authenticity and generous production spend inform every frame.

Terrific editing and pacing as human interest story threads and ample archival footage are seamlessly interwoven throughout; 125 minutes rip by quickly.

Both Mumbai at the time of the attack and its elegant Taj Hotel all meticulously evoked.

Some sensitive anti-boiled bunny viewers, unhinged by the continual graphic violence, may cancel reservations at this Cold Comfort Inn.